Add 3 numbers
Adding-three-numbers 256
Exercise Name: Add 3 numbers
Math Missions: Early math Math Mission
Types of Problems: 1

The first instance of Add 3 numbers is under the Early math Math Mission. This exercise introduces users to the idea of adding three numbers instead of just two. It illustrates addition as a multi-ary operation as opposed to a binary operation.

Types of Problems

There is one type of problem in this exercise:

  1. Use the chart and answer the problem: This problem has a word problem and an associated chart. The user is asked to add the numbers from the problem together. There are three numbers in the problem as opposed to the two numbers appearing in previous problems.

    Use the chart and answer the problem


This exercise is easy to attain accuracy badges and speed badges. The numbers are relatively small and can be added quickly and correctly.

  1. The sum of all the numbers never exceeds twenty.
  2. The numbers that need to be added appear in the contextualized word problem and the chart, so it is more efficient to keep user's eyes on the chart and add the numbers from there.

Real-life Applications

  1. Addition can be used for adding objects, like adding money totals.
  2. Addition is a major fundamental for higher math levels like algebra, calculus, and more.

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