The first instance of the Addition word problems within 10 exercise is under the Early math Math Mission. This exercise puts adding into a context and has students understand not just the arithmetic operation but also how it applies to situations.

Types of problems

There are four types of problems that show up in this exercise:

  1. Select total picture: This problem describes an addition problem in a context. The solution is one of the pictures that the student can select.

    Select total picture

  2. Select the equation: This problem also describes an addition problem in a context but this time the student is to select the correct equation from the answer choices.

    Select the equation

  3. Enter the total: This problem has a situation and the answer is a number which the student is to type into the answer box.

    Enter the total

  4. Select and enter: This problem has a multiple choice selection and a fill in the blank part for the student to complete.

    Select and enter


The numbers are small on these problems so although there are many different types of problems the accuracy badges and speed badges can be done fairly easily.

  1. Since these problems are certainly addition, users can perform the addition operation as soon as they see the numbers instead of reading the complete problem. This will not work on problems that combine adding and subtracting.

Real-life Applications

  1. Addition can be used for adding objects, like adding money totals.
  2. Addition is a major fundamental for higher math levels like algebra, calculus, and more.

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