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Welcome to the Black Hole Badges Tips page. Remember that even with the tips, it requires hard work and time to complete them. Most are still impossible to earn.



PNG version of Tesla.

To get Tesla, get 10,000,000 energy points. The easiest way to get this badge is to watch at least videos 4000 videos and get the 299,792,458 Meters per Second badge in 400+ exercises which is really hard. This is the only black hole badge which does not give a user any energy points when obtained.




Master an unknown amount of unique skills to get this badge (used to be 150, then 500, and now is believed to be 1000.) Ben Eater got this badge. People think that he accidentally gave it to himself.


Unknown, supposedly, Peter Collingridge, a user that became a KA employee, knows it but hasn't announced. We are still looking at the evidence in the HTML code.

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