• Elektrix

    My new goal is to figure out why I didn't originally get Tesla when I crossed 10,000,000 points. Hopefully I will be able to report (exploit perhaps?) this glitch among others to figure this out.

    Anyway, points leaderboard, here I come! :D

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  • RealKhanUsermario1118

    How much energey points do YOU have?

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  • Calc12

    Khan Academy Badges

    August 7, 2017 by Calc12

    There are so mony badges. It is impossible to get them all.

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  • KingHenclucky

    Random Chat

    July 5, 2017 by KingHenclucky

    Anyone experiencing glitching on Khan Academy? I am. I can't report glitches and that is the glitch. 

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  • Khan Con

    Over the last I recieved a notices that people had responded to a couple of questions I had asked.  When I went to check them out they disapeared shortley after the page loaded and then couldn't be found.  

    These questions were all in the section on Finance and Capital Markets.  I found all my questions on these videos appear to have been taken down.  Much of what I asked about centered around trying to understand my parents hatred ot the Federal Reserve and US Dollar and instead investing in gold, silver and Bitcoin.   When I had previously looked there was plenty of conversation in the Q&A section regardining these issues however now all that seems to have been removed.  

    I used to think that Khan accademy was interested in education and g…

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  • Shadow of Khan Academy

    The Khan Olympics of 2017 are coming! You can sign up to be a judge at, and view the Khan Olympics home at

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  • Light.Runner.Explorer


    Have an idea for a new feature with the capacity to improve this Wiki?
    Accessibility and maneuverability are essential aspects of informative blogs--improve these aspects, and you exponentially improve the site.

    Please share your idea in the comments down below!

    Note: This page is for requesting features to the KhanAcademy wiki. If you wish to request a new feature on the Official KhanAcademy Site, visit Khanacademy/Feature Requests

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  • 1ninjatwisty


    February 15, 2017 by 1ninjatwisty

    Hi, I am new here. So I might not know all the rules so if you guys could help out I would be very happy. Anyways, I hope I have an amzingtime on here.

    My message wall is open so please message that would also make me happy:) Have a great day

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  • Duskpin Ultimate

    The Golden Duskpin!

    February 11, 2017 by Duskpin Ultimate

    The idea behind this is to keep people looking at code. When Qwerty comes out sometime is Summer it will be introduced. Basically there will be a random part in the code where it will be hidden all those who find it will "Get" the Golden Duskpin. Of course they won't actually receive it in their badges. (Unless you know Sal is reading this *wink* *wink* *nod* *nod* :P) But it should be pretty cool. There should be one starting with Qwerty and any of my other big projects.

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  • Megaminxwin

    Day 101

    February 10, 2017 by Megaminxwin

    For some reason the 10,000 Year Clock badge only just came through. Odd.

    Today I started working on Precalculus! Mostly trig identities, but I'm about to start on a bit of conic sections. I've not actually done conic sections before, so this'll be interesting...

    Does it strike anyone else as weird that this wiki has strats for Khan Academy as if it was a video game? I want to see KA at SGDQ 2017.

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  • Megaminxwin

    100 day streak.

    February 9, 2017 by Megaminxwin

    Gyah. I feel like I've been doing this for about eight hundred thousand years. Anyway, looking forward to the next 100! I might start a little blog here.

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  • Beautycrystal


    February 8, 2017 by Beautycrystal

    I have a major annocment! I am going to be doing a blog mostly everyday. The days I probably wont be doing them is the weekends. If you don't see any new blog posts, its probably because my dad uses my computer a lot, for his job. But other then that let the blogs begin!

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  • Beautycrystal


    February 7, 2017 by Beautycrystal

    Sorry, that chat that I had with those people echo and the other one who likes tanks. My sister actually was the one who was chatting with you all, I was outside. I was so stupid that I left my phone on the table. And she took it and was chatting with you all. So so so sorry.

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  • Beautycrystal


    February 7, 2017 by Beautycrystal

    Hello Everyone!

    How are you all today, I love getting messaged back. I am feeling great today. It is my first day on here, and I love it!!!!!!! Thank you all for excepting me.

    - Sincerely Beauty Crystal

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  • Duskpin Ultimate

    Qwerty - BETA

    January 29, 2017 by Duskpin Ultimate

    So I am currently making Qwerty. But this is a project I want some good feedback on before releasing. Here I'll post new versions and when they will be available for my BETA testers! (Everyone on this Wiki :P) But first I need to know how to make a program basically invisible. I tried a Child Account but someone still found that. So I was originally going to post it here buut that ended up not working. So they'll be here at least for now:

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  • Blaze Runner0

    Just in case

    January 17, 2017 by Blaze Runner0

    Just in case the chat doesn't work. Reload it a few times for it to start working. I don't know why this is happening, but it is. =P Quick link to chat:

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  • John Lee Gamma Guild Team Vi Hart

    Hello, I am John Lee. :P

    I have finally reached 22,222,222 energy points and I am here to announce that my days at Khan Academy are over....

    I want to thank all my friends and etc!!!

    I have made many memories....

    I am planning to quit KA....

    I am only going to be on KA maybe when I need to watch some math videos or program something simple once in a while....

    I feel really sad and I will miss all of you!

    -John Lee aka (Sanji[StrawHatPirates], Bob the Titan, and etc.... lol....)-

    My profile:

    I want to say thanks to:
















    Many Others!!!!!

    P.S. I wi…

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  • Light.Runner.Explorer

    This is not done, I will be adding more as I look through users. 2030














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  • Light.Runner.Explorer

    A few minutes ago they changed the layout of Early Math. Here in this screenshot it shows that they now have made the subject "Early Math" into "Kindergarden, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade"

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  • Uni7y


    November 14, 2016 by Uni7y
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  • Bird2525


    November 12, 2016 by Bird2525

    I think that Friendly Hacker and Exterminator should be categorized as unknown badges since there is controversy over whether or not they are retired.

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  • Light.Runner.Explorer

    Meet bill!

    October 17, 2016 by Light.Runner.Explorer

    Hello! I decided to make a second bird.. bill! Now he does not like to be called "Bill" so please make him happy by calling him bill ;)

    I am wondering if I should make more birds.. any thoughts?

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  • Light.Runner.Explorer

    Hello guys! Ever since Sponge brought up that Tweet wasn't 100% original, I thought about making an original Tweet. So I have come up with Tweet Jr! I have made a version in every color for those who want it! Feel free to use it as your avatar. I would rather you not post it on other websites as it is my work. (But give me credit if you do)

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  • Bird2525

    Sorry, but some algebra 2 page was renamed by some vandal "ERIC CHURCH-ROLLER COASTER RIDE LYRICS" I couldn't figure out which one it was so I looked at the renaming history which said "Understanding Place Value", so I renamed it that. I quickly realized that that name did not fit the exercise and that there was another skill with the same name. I then realized that Understanding Place Value had been vandalized to the same name previously so it showed up there. Extremely sorry for the misleading mistake and I hope someone can fix it. Here is a link to that article:

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  • Tariq Jabbar

    It's official

    October 7, 2016 by Tariq Jabbar

    I'm going for 1000 earth badges again because I have nothing else to do :1

    Now - 284

    October 9th - Starting at 290

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  • Jett Burns

    Progress meters

    October 6, 2016 by Jett Burns

    They are back for now! Those little circles that showed you your progress at a quick glance have returned.

    I'm glad they're back, and a few slight adjustments might be needed for good looks. What do you think?

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  • Bird2525

    Retired Badges

    October 3, 2016 by Bird2525

    I have noticed that the retired badges fall into two different categories; Badges that were retired because KA didn't like them anymore, and badges that were retired because they were meant to get the user to do something over a certain period of time. I think that maybe there should be separate categories for the two, but I am not totally sure if I really like that idea and I also did not want to make such a big edit without consulting the rest of the community. Let me know what you think!

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  • Tariq Jabbar

    Mastered the WoM

    September 28, 2016 by Tariq Jabbar

    Today I mastered KA's World of Math... It's been an incredible journey :P

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  • Blaze Runner0

    The or A?

    September 27, 2016 by Blaze Runner0

    Are we going to use "a user" or "the user"? Please post your opinion in the comments. =) Btw I called the earth badges and the moon badges to edit. =D

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  • EytukanStudios

    Random Math Problem

    September 22, 2016 by EytukanStudios

     at the point (1, 0) ?

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  • Bird2525

    Skill ads

    September 19, 2016 by Bird2525

    My ad blocker is catching the skill pictures. Why?

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  • Blaze Runner0


    September 19, 2016 by Blaze Runner0

    Why were the comments taken away for pages? I think they should  add back. If you know, please post why. Thanks! =) 

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  • Jett Burns

    New drawing of Dory

    September 16, 2016 by Jett Burns

    Be sure to check out my drawing of Dory! I'll start posting some of my new programs in the blogs, not on my wall.

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  • Bird2525

    How Did You Come Here?

    September 13, 2016 by Bird2525

    Hi. I thought that it might be interesting to find out how other users of the wiki found out about both Khan Academy and this wiki. You can post in the comments if you want. For me, I joined Khan Academy while at school (though I had heard about it awhile back). We were allowed to work on any programming project that we wanted. My first attempt was a platformer in another programming language, but it didn't work out. One of my friends was doing Khan Academy and they allowed me to copy their idea, as long as I went in a different direction. I somehow already had a Khan account (I don't know how), so I did that.

    A few weeks after joining, I wanted to find out how to get black hole badges. I typed it into a search engine and this wiki came up.…

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  • God Loves You

    Khan academy subscription page:

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  • Orange^-^Splash
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  • EytukanStudios

    1000 Skills Mastered

    September 5, 2016 by EytukanStudios

    This morning I mastered 1000 skills in the world of Math. (for the first time in my 4+ years of being on KA) I can't wait to move onto the rest of the World of Math!

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  • Jett Burns

    All percentages!

    September 4, 2016 by Jett Burns

    Incase anyone didn't know about this, you can still find percentages for the specific math topics that aren't on the subject's list. This image shows how:

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  • Jett Burns

    The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is an annual global competition for students to inspire creative thinking about science. Students ages 13 to 18 from countries across the globe are invited to create and submit original videos (5 minutes in length maximum) that bring to life a concept or theory in the life sciences, physics or mathematics. The submissions are judged on the student’s ability to communicate complex scientific ideas in engaging, illuminating, and imaginative ways. The Challenge is organized by the Breakthrough Prize Foundation.

    Khan Academy has also teamed up with the competition, and Sal is one of the judges ! I will probably talk about genetics and their future medical potential. Let me know what y'all think about it!

    Here's …

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  • Duskpin Ultimate

    Different Duskpins

    September 2, 2016 by Duskpin Ultimate

    Hello everyone. So all of you know that I have a very firm belief that Duskpins are their own Speices. If you don't know that now you do. So I was thinking to myself: "Would they all be purple?" And it dawned on me that: No. They would not all be purple. But I think the Purple one is the King of the Duskpin Pride. So yes. Here are the different kinds of Duskpins:



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  • EytukanStudios

    Assume that

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  • Finewine2

    have not been able to log on all day; anyone else having this problem?

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  • Light.Runner.Explorer

    Hey guys! As most of you know, I spent a good amount of time searching for Khan Academy's latest badges and features. So I thought that I would make a blog post that had all my newest badge finds along with anyone else's badge finds.
    So if you find a badge that is not currently on the wikia, be sure to let me know!

    Newest Badge Finds
    Badge Name Badge Type Badge Icon
    SAT Earth Badge

    PSAT/NMSQT Earth Badge

    PSAT 8/9 Earth Badge

    SAT Advisory Board Member Earth Badge

    PSAT 10 Earth Badge Read more >
  • The Eternal Swarm

    Wiki discord?

    August 31, 2016 by The Eternal Swarm

    We should make a discord for this wiki. For you guys who don't know what discord is, its like skype. There are multiple 'channels' that you can make for different topics, as well as voice channels. You can also view who is online, and who is not. You can also add people as friends and you can quote-unquote call them, or directly message them. I could maybe try to add moderators, but if I did, and they kicked somebody, the person would have to join the server again, making it inconvenient. So, I'll only do it if they really deserved it to be kicked (reasons: spamming ALOT, being VERY, VERY annoying on the voice channels, etc). For the most part, I have set up the discord. It also has text to speech, so I'll give permission to people who hav…

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  • Tariq Jabbar

    1000 skills

    August 30, 2016 by Tariq Jabbar

    Today I mastered my 1000th skill! (for the 2nd time actually xD) :P Now to master the WoM!

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  • EytukanStudios


    August 27, 2016 by EytukanStudios

    I know, I didn't do this on my actual cake day. I am a disgrace. Well anyways if you are reading this it is probably after my cake day so it doesn't matter. I just wanted to thank all of the great people on here for helping renew my interest in learning! I have learned so much and have been so inspired to do good things since I have joined. Well I have to end this now :/ Thanks!

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  • Light.Runner.Explorer

    This will be my personal keepings of the Khan Academy Olympics Energy Point Race.

    Hopefully I will be able to update this every day! =)

    Energy Point Race
    User Team Starting Points Final Points Rank
    pascal5 Blue 2,024,956

    nykajak Blue 1,472,290

    Bigon Blue n/a

    LoganWeisberg Blue 1,111,481

    Math Hopper Blue 862,389

    That Girl Blue 1,391,862

    dingjon Blue 293,881

    5ˆ14! #Ðαɨɭʮßɩɸ™ Green 2,598,443

    J Helston Green 17,039,902

    Zero-Gravity Green 1,469,831

    WillTheProgrammer Green 424,268

    √π Green 408,946

    ryanpinrul Green 1,732,597

    TWENTY ØNE PILØTS Green 161,030

    Darkness Green 153,888

    Celestial Flare Green 1,920,763

    Eric M. Grey 1,735,762

    Fire#spaK Grey n/a

    Levithomas04 Grey 9,305

    'Silver Cat Grey n/a

    FishingTwister Grey 735,407

    Xoom Studios™ Grey 1,485,843

    Fire Glider Grey n/a

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  • Light.Runner.Explorer

    Alright! So ever since I programmed the Flat Design Castle, I've wanted to get on another big project. So I asked for suggestions in chat and Trek suggested that I programmed a Flat Design version of Hogwarts. Now I personally have never seen Harry Potter and do not know much about it. But wil try my best to recreate it!

    Here you can track my progress of the Flat Design Hogwarts.

    Coming Soon!

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  • Light.Runner.Explorer


    August 10, 2016 by Light.Runner.Explorer

    Hey guys! I have been, as some of you know, trying to get my videos watched up to a higher number. So I was thinking about creating a fun contest to see who can watch the most videos, get the most badges, and earn the most points. There would be three different contests and you can either compete in all of them, or none of them.

    Videos Watched Contest
    Name Video Start Count Current Videos Earned Rank
    Light Runner 1288 1466 178


    Badges Earned Contest
    Name Badges Start Count Current Badges Earned Rank
    Light Runner 4377 4437 70 1

    Points Eaned Contest
    Name Points Start Count Current Points Earned Rank
    Light Runner 26,391,000 27,000,000 609,000 1

    Skills Mastered Contest
    Name Skills Start Count Current Skills Earned Rank
    Tariq Jabbar 881 995 114 1
    Light Runn…

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  • Shaky365

    I'm trying to beat a bunch of people in energy points that have 14M-16M points. Here is the list:

    • Curiosity - 14,607,000
    • Greg Boyle - 14,612,000
    • Anthony Jaqcuez - 15,482,000
    • Cyan Wind - 15,911,000
    • David Mayrose - 15,930,000

    Me, I'm at 14,007,000. So I've got a looong way to go....

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