Compare 3-digit numbers
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Exercise Name: Compare 3-digit numbers
Math Missions: Early math Math Mission, 3rd grade (U.S.) Math Mission, Pre-algebra Math Mission, Mathematics I Math Mission
Types of Problems: 1

The Compare 3-digit numbers exercise appears under the Early math Math Mission, 3rd grade (U.S.) Math Mission, Pre-algebra Math Mission and Mathematics I Math Mission. This exercise has users compare two numbers using the inequality symbols.

Types of problems

There is one type of problem that shows up in this exercise:

  1. Select the correct symbol: The user is given two numbers and a space in between them. Users are to select the correct symbol from among the lesser than sign, greater than sign, and equals sign.

    Select the correct symbol


This problem is very easy to attain both accuracy badges and speed badges. With only one type of problem and a multiple choice selection it can be done very efficiently.

  1. The equals sign use is very seldom (or possibly not at all).

Real-life Applications

  1. Basic knowledge of numbers is essential for learning algebra and the higher maths, and numbers are used for almost everything humans do.

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