The Comparing linear functions word problems exercise appears under the 8th grade (U.S.) Math Mission, Algebra I Math Mission, Mathematics I Math Mission and Mathematics II Math Mission. This exercise is the official word problems related to comparing functions that are linear.

Types of Problems

There are two types of problems in this exercise:

  1. Use the information to see who started with more: This problem provides some information about two people that can be modeled by linear functions. The user is expected to take the information and figure out something about the initial starting values.

    Use the information to see who started with more

  2. Use the information to select all that started with more: This problem describes several people and asks the user to select all of them that satisfy a particular question from a multiple select list.

    Use the information to select all that started with more


Knowledge of the meaning of the y-intercept and how to interpret it can be very valuable on this exercise.

  1. The y-intercept is the initial value of the word problem.
  2. The slope does not seem to show up as often, but it could in the near future.

Real-life applications

  1. Lines have many applications in business, math, and the sciences.
  2. Intercepts tend to be initial conditions, and slope is the unit rate of change to move along the x-axis units. (In physics, time, in business, units created, etc.)
  3. Knowledge of algebra is essential for higher math levels like trigonometry and calculus. Algebra also has countless applications in the real world.

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