Count in order
Counting-objects 256
Exercise Name: Count in order
Math Missions: Early math Math Mission
Types of Problems: 2

The Count in order exercise appears under the Early math Math Mission. This exercise helps students to understand the process of counting as beginning from one and counting by increments of one.

Types of problems

There are two types of problems that show up in this exercise:

  1. Insert the correct counting numbers in the sequence: This problem gives users a sequence of objects with their corresponding counting number. The KA user is to insert additional counting numbers to correspond to missing spaces.

    Insert the correct counting numbers in the sequence

  2. Select the correct counting sequence: This problem shows three alternative ways of counting a collection of objects. The student is to select the correct counting sequence from among the answer choices.

    Select the correct counting sequence


This problem is fairly easy to attain accuracy badges and speed badges. Some care needs to be taken with selecting the correct counting sequence, especially in the longer counting sequences.

  1. Students can use the tab button to quickly move from one blank to the next in the first problem type if they want to earn speed badges easily.
  2. The three most common errors in the counting sequences are transposing two numbers (for example using five before four), skipping a number, and using the same number twice.

Real-life Applications

  1. Knowing how to count is essential for learning algebra and the higher maths, and counting is used for almost everything humans do.
  2. The whole world evolves around numbers and counting.

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