Decomposing angles
Decomposing-angles 256
Exercise Name: Decomposing angles
Math Missions: 4th grade (U.S.) Math Mission
Types of Problems: 1

Decomposing angles is a n exercise under the 4th grade (U.S.) Math Mission. This exercise explores the angle addition (and subtraction) properties.

Types of Problems

There are three types of problems in this exercise:

  1. Non-pictured word problem: This problem describes a situation involving angles and the user is supposed to work the problem and give the answer.

    Non-pictured word problem

  2. Pictured word problem: This problem has a labelled picture associated with a word problem. The user is supposed to solve the problem and write the answer.

    Pictured word problem

  3. Diagram: This problem has a diagram drawn and the user is supposed to use the diagram to find a particular angle.



This exercise is easy to get accuracy badges because the problems either involve one step of addition or one step of subtraction. speed badges should be easy, but it appears that the timing is still slightly tight at this time as research was not able to get many speed badges.

  1. Each problem is either subtracting two numbers, or adding two numbers.

Real-life Applications

  1. Engineers and architects use angles for designs, roads, buildings and sporting facilities.
  2. Athletes use angles to enhance their performance.
  3. Carpenters use angles to make chairs, tables and sofas.
  4. Artists use their knowledge of angles to sketch portraits and paintings.

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