Describing subsets of sample spaces
Describing-subsets-of-sample-spaces 256
Exercise Name: Describing subsets of sample spaces
Math Missions: High school statistics and probability Math Mission
Types of Problems: 2

The Describing subsets of sample spaces exercise appears under the High school statistics and probability Math Mission. This exercise practices being able to select an even from a complete probability space and recognizing how the sizes of different sets of events effect probability.

Types of Problems

There are two types of problems in this exercise:

  1. Settle disagreement: This problem describes a single situation in which two people disagree on a particular probability. The student is expected to settle the argument correctly by determining which party has the correct analysis of the probability.

    Settle disagreement

  2. Describe subset: This problem shows a sample space with some selection of the outcomes highlighted. The student is asked to select all complete and accurate descriptions of the highlighted outcomes from a multiple select list.

    Describe subset


This exercise is medium to get accuracy badges because it takes some time to read options carefully and the probability calculations can be subtle. The speed badges should be considered hard because of the time needed to be careful and current speed requirements.

  1. On Settle disagreement if there is a sample space drawn you can use it to help you get the question correct, though it will not necessarily help you on speed.
  2. On Describe subset there will never be a no solution. At least one of the statements holds.
  3. Be careful on Describe subset. Users need to select the options that fully describe the set, so all the highlighted options have to satisfy your selection AND your selection covers all the highlighted options.

Real-life Applications

  1. Probability, along with decimals, percents, and fractions are used to determine the probability of a basketball player making a shot.Data and statistics appear in news reports and in the media every day.
  2. Many of the problems in this exercise could be viewed as real-life applications.
  3. Statistics can be seen more frequently than calculus in every day life.

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