Divisibility intuition
Divisibility intuition 256
Exercise Name: Divisibility intuition
Math Missions: 4th grade (U.S.) Math Mission, Pre-algebra Math Mission Mathematics I Math Mission
Types of Problems: 1

The Divisibility intuition exercise appears under the 4th grade (U.S.) Math Mission, Pre-algebra Math Mission and Mathematics I Math Mission. This exercise practices the ability to write out all the factors of a given number.

Types of Problems

There is one type of problem in this exercise:

  1. Find the factors: This problem has a manipulative that can be used to break a number into a rectangle thus illustrating numbers that multiply together (factors) to form a number. The student is supposed to write all factors of the number in slots to the right.

    Find the factors


This exercise is easy to get accuracy badges because no number seems to have more than six or so factors and prime numbers show up fairly often. The speed badges might be medium just because there are a different number of factors for different given numbers.

  1. Both 1 and the number written will always be factors, don't forget them!
  2. You do not need to use the manipulative, and if you are trying for speed the manipulative will actually slow user down.

Real-life Applications

  1. Many different law issues are arising right now about land division and who is the people group that lived their first. This requires not just honesty, but also division.

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