No. User Energy points rounded Active/Inactive
1 REAL NAME 1,015,000,000 Inactive
2 dabbel 725,200,000 Active
3 Light Runner 53,200,000 Active
3 Mohit Sahoo 53,200,000 Active
5 'Shawn Stanley 50,600,000 Inactive
6 Anthon van der Neut 50,300,000 Inactive
7 I would like to apologise to those who felt their efforts 36,500,000 Inactive
8 Marvin Cohen 36,400,000 Active
9 KEVIN 29,500,000 Active
10 Quan Cheng Taian 27,600,000 Inactive
11 Kati Susanna 27,200,000 Active
12 Kaushik Akula 25,400,000 Inactive
13 Chanson 24,000,000 Inactive
14 Diogo Furtado de Moura 23,100,000 Active
15 John Lee 22,400,000 Active


Every effort will be made to update the leaderboard weekly. If you would like to assist with keeping this list up-to-date by pointing out new profile, please leave a message here.


  • Energy Point will be rounded to nearest hundred thousand.

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