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Energy Points are given for completing skills, earning badges, watching videos, participating in discussions and a variety of other tasks. Before Khan Academy's new layout in 2013, the number of energy points a user currently has was visible at the top right of any page on Khan Academy, right next to the username and Achievements report on Khan.

A user can see their energy points on the new personal homepage, Learning Dashboard or in their User profile.


View Energy Points Here on Profile

Screenshot from 2013-11-02 16-57-15

Old profile page energy points view

Achievements you will receive by earning Energy PointsEdit

Avatars Based on Energy PointsEdit

0 Energy Points (Starter Avatars):

10,000 Energy Points (Common Avatars):

50,000 Energy Points (Uncommon Avatars):

100,000 Energy Points (Rare Avatars):
Screenshot from 2013-11-02 17-55-52

250,000 Energy Points (Epic Avatars):

Background based on energy pointsEdit

Starter: (0 energy points)

Common: (10,000 energy points)

Rare: (100,000 energy points)

Extraordinary: (1,000,000 energy points)

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