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Energy Points are given for completing skills, earning badges, watching videos, participating in discussions and a variety of other tasks. Before Khan Academy's new layout in 2012, the number of energy points a user currently has was invisible at any page in Khan Academy.

Currently, Users can now see their energy points on the new personalized homepage, Learning Dashboard or in their User profile.


View Energy Points Here on Profile

Screenshot from 2013-11-02 16-57-15

Old profile page energy points view

Achievements you will receive by earning Energy PointsEdit

Avatars Based on Energy PointsEdit

0 Energy Points (Starter Avatars):

10,000 Energy Points (Common Avatars):

50,000 Energy Points (Uncommon Avatars):

100,000 Energy Points (Rare Avatars):
Screenshot from 2013-11-02 17-55-52

250,000 Energy Points (Epic Avatars):

Background based on energy pointsEdit

Starter: (0 energy points)

Common: (10,000 energy points)

Rare: (100,000 energy points)

Extraordinary: (1,000,000 energy points)

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