Exploring standard deviation
Exploring standard deviation 1 256
Exercise Name: Exploring standard deviation
Math Missions: High school statistics and probability Math Mission
Types of Problems: 1

The Exploring standard deviation exercise appears under the High school statistics and probability Math Mission. This exercise explores the relationship between a dot plot and the standard deviation.

Types of Problems

There is one type of problem in this exercise:

  1. Control the standard deviation: This problem has a number line with several dots on it. The user is asked to move the dots to adjust the standard deviation to a given value.

    Control the standard deviation


This exercise is easy to get accuracy badges because the manipulative displays the current approximate standard deviation while the users is moving dots. The speed badges are easy because users can move dots quickly on the manipulative and the standard deviation only needs to be approximate.

  1. The user should not submit until they have the right standard deviation, they can read it from the line.
  2. It is easiest to move a dot on the far left and drop it near the center to decrease the standard deviation. If it is still not low enough, take a dot from the far right and move it towards the center. Users should repeat until they get the right value.

Real-life Applications

  1. Sports teams use standard deviation. For example, a team that may be consistently good may have the low standard deviation, but a team that scores a lot standard deviation might be high.
  2. Another scenario may be money. In money, the standard deviation may mean the risk of the prices. If a investment loses money, it's going to have a low standard deviation.
  3. Another scenario one might be considering the whether temperatures in two different areas. It helps people figure out which one has the highest deviation based on its variations.
  4. Data and statistics appear in news reports and in the media every day.
  5. Statistics can be seen more frequently than calculus in everyday life.

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