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Find the next term of an arithmetic sequence, given the first few terms are broken up into 2 exercises on Khan Academy that appear in the Precalculus Math Mission and Mathematics III Math Mission: Arithmetic Sequences 1 and Arithmetic Sequences 2. The first one is basic and the second one is a bit more challenging and harder.
Find the next term of an arithmetic sequence, given the first few terms

Exercise Example

Arithmetic Sequences 1

Arithmetic Sequences 1 requires students to find the next number in the arithmetic sequence given in the exercise for completion. 3-5 terms of the arithmetic sequence are given. Exercise Location: Arithmetic Sequences 1 Exercise

Arithmetic Sequences 2

Arithmetic Sequences 2 requires userz to find a certain term in the arithmetic sequence given that a formula to find each term in the sequence. The formula is set up as so: This one is the hard one.

{a_i} = first term + increment between terms times {(i-1)}

This formula is explained here: Equations of sequence patterns

Exercise Location: Arithmetic Sequences 2 Exercise

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