The first instance of Fraction word problems 1 is under the 4th grade (U.S.) Math Mission. This exercise provides word problems that practice understanding of adding and subtracting fractions.

Types of Problems

There is one type of problem in this exercise:

  1. Solve the problem: In this problem a situation is described in which friends are completing some part of a whole. The student is asked to find how much of the object had been completed or was left using the given information.

    Solve the problem


This exercise is easy to get accuracy badges because numbers are small and easy to work with. The speed badges are medium because user does need to be patient and make sure they read the problem correctly so that they can see if user wants total, amount left, or amount eaten/performed.

  1. Some of the problems can be related directly to the given information because the fraction eaten has the same numerator as the number eaten. It would be easy to write problems that do not rely on this fact, however, so read carefully.

Real-life Applications

  1. Fractions are used and can be applied to almost everything humans do, for simple tasks such as baking a cake.

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