Become a Guardian who moderates discussion posts on videos and programs
Type Earth badge
Energy point(s) awarded 0
Status Available

Guardian is an Earth badge. To earn it, the user has to become a Guardian who moderates discussion posts on videos, articles and other programs.

All Khan Academy administrators are granted moderation powers by default. Besides, Khan Academy selects a few users based on their discussion history and promotes them to moderators (a.k.a. Guardians). Because of the low demand for this position, it is impossible for most users to acquire the badge.

This badge can be found here at Khan Academy

Some notable tasks of a Guardian

  • Regularly review, take action on, and empty the flagged content at Feedback page
  • Edit content when necessary
  • "Hellban" users who are spamming the site or being abusive/offensive toward others, and who haven't already shown a significant capacity for making great posts

To gain full insight into tasks of a Guardian, read here.

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