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Meteorite badges Moon badges Earth badges Sun badges Black Hole badges Challenge Patches

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This is Khan Academy Wiki, a wiki dedicated to Salman Khan's academy. We cover Khan Academy's history, organization, culture and much more. This wiki is free to be edited by anyone, though we encourage you to log in or sign up to experience the full content of this site. Please note that this site is undergoing many changes.

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Featured Article & Featured User

Featured Article


After a long wait for new discussion-type badges, Sensei was introduced recently on the Khan Academy. This particular badge is for attaining 50 answers with 3+ votes. We are pleased to have this as our current Featured Article and look forward to new badges coming out in the near future. Please visit the link for more information!

Featured User

Kingcodefish and Tariq Jabbar

Kingcodefish was instrumental in helping the wiki create out current leaf cursor and TJ has continued to steadily put up useful content on the wiki for what seems like forever. Because of this and other service to the wiki we are pleased to honor them as the current Featured Users on the Khan Academy Wiki.

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