Goals of this Wiki
We have currently completed 17 out of 18 goals!

Common goals of KA Wiki

To create all exercise pages

To get to 5,000 views per day for a week

To become a peaceful site Completed!

Fix mediawiki jss Completed!

Fix mediawiki text Completed!

Fix mediawiki css Completed!

Reviewing all pages proposed for deletion

Have a better mediawiki navigator

Change the word "B'crat" to "Bureaucrats" in site maintenance Completed!

Delete categories with wrong name (Eg: "Moon badge" instead of "Moon badges") Completed!

Fix wrong templates Completed!

Fix impersonal you Completed!

Merge maintain page up (Eg: "Wiki Users", "Admin lists", "Wiki staff") Completed!

Updating the Category:Leaderboards|leaderboards]] often Completed!

Future possible policy concerning comments on pages Completed

Adding infoboxes to all Badges and Avatars articles Completed!

Creating all avatar type pages Completed!

Deleting avatar pages which no longer exist Completed!

Can you help us complete the rest of the goals?

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