Type: Avatar
Introduced in: 2013
Requirement: Ranges from stage

Leafers is a group of avatars on Khan Academy. Leafers, along with Piceratops and Aquiline were introduced in November of 2013.

Jason Rosoff, a full timer at Khan Academy, made an avatar naming contest which ended on Nov 15th, 2013 at 12:00 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time), where users could suggest names for this avatar. Salman Khan had to choose one of the top three names (Leafers, Sprout and Terrafern). A few hours later, Jason announced that the winning name was Leafers. This was the name suggested by Light Runner. Joseph Le, a Khan Academy staff designer, had come up with the design in October 2013.

There are 5 stages of this avatar's life:

Stage 1: Leafers (Seed)

  • This stage of Leafers' life is one of the most basic avatars on Khan Academy. It is available to the user right when they join, so they don't need any energy points for it.
  • Stage 1 is a green seed shaped like a raindrop with eyes. 

Stage 2: Leafers (Seedling)

  • This stage of Leafers' life is obtainable after earning 10,000 energy points.
  • It looks like the first version, just with a leaf on its head and legs beginning to sprout extra.

Stage 3: Leafers (Sapling)

  • This stage of Leafers' life is obtainable after earning 50,000 energy points.
  • It looks like a green baby dinosaur with two leaves on its back with a little tail and little legs.

Stage 4: Leafers (Tree)

  • This stage of Leafers' life is obtainable after earning 100,000 energy points.
  • It looks like a green young dinosaur with a green body and a tail and three leaves on its back.

Stage 5: Leafers (Ultimate)

  • This stage of Leafers' life is obtainable after earning 250,000 energy points.
  • It looks like a green, fully grown dinosaur, standing up, with multiple leaves on its back and a leaf on his tail. He has no fingers but instead bulges for hands, he appears to have a slight beak similar to that of a parrot.
  • Not many users can be found with this avatar because of its high requirement, but some of the users who meet the requirements like to use it because it shows a great achievement. People with private Khan Academy profiles can also use this avatar to show off that they have obtained 250,000+ energy points, because private profiles don't show how many points they have earned. Or another of the "dragon avatars". 

Notable User With This Avatar:

Peter Collingridge (has Sapling as his avatar)


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