Missing numbers
Count-from-any-number 256
Exercise Name: Missing numbers
Math Missions: Early math Math Mission
Types of Problems: 3

The first instance of the Missing numbers exercise is under the Early math Math Mission. This exercise helps students to understand the naming and relationship patterns among numbers that are less than or equal to 100.


Types of problems

There are three types of problems that show up in this exercise:

  1. Select the missing number 1-100: This problem shows a sequence of consecutive whole numbers followed by a blank. You are supposed to select the next whole number from among the answers provided.
  2. Select the missing number 1-100: This problem is similar to the previous description, but also provides a number line that indicates the space for the missing whole number.
  3. Select the missing numbers 1-100: This problem is also similar to the above problems, except here you are two select the missing numbers for the two questions that are on this problem.


Since these problems are fast to calculate and answering only involves selecting the correct option, this exercise is easy to get both accuracy badges and speed badges.

Real-life Applications

  1. Knowing how to count is essential for learning algebra and the higher maths, and counting is used for almost everything humans do.
  2. The whole world evolves around numbers and counting.

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