Model real-world situations with arithmetic and geometric sequences
Recursive explicit 256
Exercise Name: Model real-world situations with arithmetic and geometric sequences
Math Missions: Precalculus Math Mission, Mathematics III Math Mission
Types of Problems: 1

The Model real-world situations with arithmetic and geometric sequences exercise appears under the Precalculus Math Mission and Mathematics III Math Mission. The objective of this exercise is to learn what shapes real-world objects could be referred to.

Types of problems

There is one type of problem in this exercise.

Lol winston
1. Find what the object best fits - This problem has a real-world object on the screen. You need to choose the name of shapes that best fits the object.


Basic knowledge of arithmetic and geometric sequences are essential to ensure success while doing this exercise.

  1. The shapes that appear include circles.

Real-Life Applications

  1. An ability to recognize shapes is cultivated at a young age (circle peg does not fit in square hole) but is lost in the educational system. Being able to reason geometrically will increase comfort with graphing which is critical in higher mathematics including the calculus.
  2. Driving requires fast recognition of space and size which are geometric concepts.

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