The Multi-digit division with visual models exercise appears under the 4th grade (U.S.) Math Mission. This exercise uses an area model to understand division and place value through a "missing-multiple" approach.

Types of Problems

There is one type of problem in this exercise:

  1. Divide the number into the rectangles: This problem has a visual area model representing a division problem. The user is asked to fill in the missing multiple to make the area work, and then provide the correct quotient based on these results.

    Divide the number into the rectangles


Knowledge of multiplication as area and the distributive property for division can help ensure success on this exercise.

  1. The distributive property says that {a(b+c)=ab+ac}.
  2. The numbers are going to be whole numbers, there will be no need for negatives, decimals or fractions.
  3. After correctly labeling the numbers in the diagram, the sum of the numbers written will be the answer to the division problem.

Real-life applications

  1. A geometric model for division will assist in future geometry problems dealing with area and other geometric measurements.
  2. Division is used in group projects so the work is divided and each group member has their own role.
  3. Majority of law issues are arising now are about land division and who lived there first. This requires not just honesty, but also division.

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