The Multiplication and division word problems exercise appears under the 4th grade (U.S.) Math Mission, Arithmetic essentials Math Mission and Mathematics I Math Mission. This exercise introduces word problems involving one-step multiplication and division situations.

Types of Problems

There are two types of problems in this exercise:

  1. Find right equation: This problem describes a word problem and has a multiple choice menu of several equations that model the situation. The user is supposed to select the correct equation. On some problems, the correct equation also includes the correct answer, but sometimes the users also needs to type in the correct answer. The example on this page shows a situation where they also needed to type in the final answer.

    Find right equation

  2. Solve equation: This problem describes a word problem. The user simply types the correct answer in the box.

    Solve equation


This exercise is easy to get accuracy badges because the problems all become one-step equations. Speed badges are easy also because the problems recycle at a pretty fast rate.

  1. The exercise description says that there may be remainders, but research has not found any with remainders.
  2. Until you cycle through all problems, it is important to read carefully as sometimes the division versus multiplication can be subtle without a careful read.

Real-life Applications

  1. Choreographers need to be able to divide the piece they want to perform, into smaller pieces so that everyone will be able to do and give their best, whether they dance or choreograph an orchestra. In the end of the day they need to flow together in harmony and they will use division to accomplish that.
  2. Multiplication is needed and used by mechanics for repairing cars by multiplying when they overhaul the engine, measure the pistons or just to put in a new gearbox or engine.

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