Oh Noes
Type: Computer Science
Introduced in: 2014
Requirement: Watch a CS Tutorial
Oh Noes, also known as the Error Buddy, is an avatar on Khan Academy. He helps users when they are making programs by telling them their mistake. He was made into an avatar on the 22nd of January, 2014. However, he was given a different design in an update from Khan Academy. The user can see this new design by adding a
to the link of any Khan Academy program they are viewing.

Oh Noes's new happy design.


Oh Noes's new confused design.


  • He has a semicolon symbol on his forehead. (;)
  • His most famous line is "Oh Noes! It looks like you're missing a semicolon" because that is the most common error people make when coding.
  • He is also a Khan Academy image:
  • JS:
  • HTML/CSS: 
<img src="">

This is how to get an image of him.

How to unlock him

To unlock this avatar, users need to watch a recording in a Computer Programming or Science tutorial (the talk-throughs made by Pamela Fox, Sophia Westwood and Jessica Liu). It is currently impossible to unlock the happy or confused versions of Oh Noes, the Error Buddy.

Eg : Introduction to Drawing

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