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Pamela Fox

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Pamela of the Khan Academy Team

Position: Khan Academy Staff
Date Joined: August 2013
Energy Points: 670,080

Pamela Fox is a member of the Khan Academy team. She has created many tutorials, which are more advanced than the original ones by Jessica Liu. Her avatar is Marcimus. Also, she is a big Winston fan.


Pamela was born to a duo of Computer Scientists who told her that she could learn programming without their help, thanks to the internet! Now that she's at Khan Academy, she works to improve the CS curriculum to make that true.

On the side, Pamela teaches web development workshops for GirlDevelopIt and writes programs to figure out her next hair colors. Before Khan, she worked at Coursera and Google.


Her profile can be found here: Pamela's KA Profile

Pamela's 2013 Halloween costume (Winston)
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Pamela on G+
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