The Progress Report on Khan Academy displays all of user's skill and video statistics.

There are many different options to choose from and many time periods that user can pick.


  • Skills
  • Coach Recommendations
  • Videos
  • Activity
  • Focus

Time Periods:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 2 days
  • Last 3 days
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • All time
  • Custom Range


The skills section shows user's skill progress on all the math subjects.

This is all the available skill information:

  1. Addition and Subtraction
  2. Multiplication and Division
  3. Negative numbers and Absolute values
  4. Decimals
  5. Fractions
  6. Telling Time
  7. Factors and Multiples
  8. Ratios, Proportions, Units, and Rates
  9. Applying Mathmetical Reasoning
  10. Exponents, Radacials, and scientific notation
  11. Artimetic properties
  12. Measurement
  13. Introduction to Algebra
  14. Linear Equations
  15. Linear Inequality
  16. Graphing and analyzing linear functions
  17. Systems of equations and Inequality
  18. Multiplying and Factoring Expressions
  19. Quadratics Equations
  20. Exponent Expression and Equations
  21. Functions
  22. Ratios, Proportions, units, and rates
  23. Angles and Intersecting lines
  24. Congruence
  25. Similarity
  26. Right Triangles and Trigonometry
  27. Perimeter, area, and volume
  28. Circle
  29. Special properties and parts of Triangles
  30. Quadrilaterals
  31. Transformations
  32. Analytic geometry
  33. Geometric Constructions
  34. Systems of equations and Inequalitys
  35. Functions and their graphs
  36. Polynomial and rational functions
  37. Rational expressions
  38. Exponential and Logarithm functions
  39. Logarithm
  40. Imaginary and Complex numbers
  41. Conic Sections
  42. Matrices
  43. Basic Trigonometry
  44. Unit Circle Defintions of Trig Functions
  45. Graphs of trig functions
  46. Trig identities and examples
  47. Independent and Dependent Events
  48. Probability and combinatorics
  49. Statistical studies
  50. Description Statistics
  51. Random variables and Probability Distribution
  52. Regression
  53. Inferential Statistics
  54. Vectors
  55. Imaginary and Complex Numbers
  56. Sequences, Series, Induction
  57. Limits
  58. Sequences, Series and Functions Approximate

Coach Recommendations

This displays all of user's coached assigned skills and if user completed them or not.


This shows how many videos user has watched and the time amount of these videos.


This displays your energy points and amount of time on a bar graph.

When user chooses "Yesterday" or "Today", it shows by every hour.


This shows the amount of time on user has spent practicing skills on a circle graph.


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