Display Case


Empty display

The Showcase gives users an option to personalize their user profile, on their Khan Academy account's main page.


Showcase allows users to customize what badges users have earned that they want to show to people.

To customize showcase, press on it and a box containing all users badges should show up (Shown Above). Click on the 'X' in the red box in the corner of each badge to take it out of the display case and click on a different badge to replace it. Users can't display two of the same badge at once. Currently, only 5 possible badges are able to fit in the display case at a time. Also, to the right of the Showcase, user can display how many badges they have. If students click on one of the rectangles, they will see their badges ordered from meteorite, moon, etc... up to challenge patch.

Badge Associated with the Display Case


  1. Being able to display 7 badges when looking from outside user profile. (Fixed)
  2. Being able to display the same badge more than once.

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