Slope from a graph
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Exercise Name: Slope from a graph
Math Missions: 8th grade (U.S.) Math Mission, Algebra basics Math MissionAlgebra I Math Mission
Types of Problems: 2

The Slope from a graph exercise appears under the 8th grade (U.S.) Math Mission, Algebra basics Math Mission and Algebra I Math Mission. This exercise starts to introduce and practice the idea of slope as it related to algebra and geometry.

Types of Problems

There are two types of problems in this exercise:

  1. Identify the correct graph: This problem has four graphs pictures. The user is asked to select which graph illustrates a particular slope.

    Identify the correct graph

  2. Calculate the slope: This problem has a graph but also specifies two points on the graph. Users are asked to calculate the slope of the graph.

    Calculate the slope


Knowledge of the slope formula and mnemonic will help towards completing this exercise.

  1. Slope is rise (y-axis) over run (x-axis). This understanding can assist on the first type of problem.
  2. The formula for slope is {\frac{(y2-y1)}{(x2-x1)}}. This can help on the second type of problem.

Calculator coding

This program will calculate the slope of a line given the coordinates of two points.

Prompt A,B,C,D
Disp (D-B)/(A-C)>Frac

Real-life applications

  1. Slope is intimately tied to calculus and the derivative, so any reference to slope can find importance in the calculus.
  2. Being able to recognize slope quickly can assist recognizing if answers are correct when checking work.
  3. Knowledge of algebra is essential for higher math levels like trigonometry and calculus. Algebra also has countless applications in the real world.

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