The Special derivatives quiz exercise is exceptional and does not appear under a Math Mission in the The World of Math. In this exercise, students need to find the derivative of some special functions.

Types of problems

There is one type of problem in this exercise.

  1. Find the derivative: The problem shows a special function and the student is required to find its derivative.


  1. Speed badges are attainable in this skill as there are only five possible problems in it: Find the derivative of {\sin(x)}, {\cos(x)}, {\tan(x)}, {Ln(x)} and {e^x}. The derivatives of these functions are {cosx}, {-\sin x}, {\sec^2(x)}, {\frac{1}{x}} and {e^x} respectfully. They can be written precisely as they are written in the last sentence to achieve credit.
  2. Their derivatives can be memorized and thus it is possible to answer a problem in less than five seconds.

Real-life Applications

  1. Calculus has massive applications to physics, chemistry, biology, economics and many other fields.

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