Spunky Sam
Spunky Sam Avatar
Name: Spunky Sam
Introduced in: 2012
Energy Points required: 10,000

Spunky Sam is an avatar on Khan Academy that is obtainable after earning 10,000 energy points. It is one of the five in this group, along with Marcimus, and Mr. Pink, Leafers (Seedling) and Piceratops (Seedling). It is one of the easiest avatars to get, because of the low amount of energy points that have to be obtained.

Red Variant


Red Spunky Sam

Red Spunky Sam is a variant of Spunky Sam, which is red in color instead of blue.

Green Variant

Green Spunky Sam is a variant of Spunky Sam, which is green in color instead of blue.

Green Spunky Sam

Orange Variant

Orange Spunky Sam is a variant of Spunky Sam, which is orange in color instead of blue.

Orange Spunky Sam

Super Sal

Super Sal is supposedly a special version of Spunky Sam. Supposedly only Salman Khan has obtained it. It is identical to Spunky Sam, except for the name. If you look at the source code you see he currently has the Spunky Sam avatar.

But Salman Khan gives himself the Is Sal badge.
Super Sal -DEBUNKED-

Source Code of Sal's avatar

Notable User with this Avatar

All of these avatars are available on the JS platform.


The group of colored Spunky Sams were released on September 29, 2016.

How to code him:


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