No. Name Days Active/Inactive
1 DanielKiernan 825 Active
2 Blaze Runner™ 824 Active
2 GloTe 824 Active
4 Curiosity 823 Active
5 Chris Fedele 822 Active
6 birdexplorers 818 Active
6 Jett Burns 818 Active
8 Richard 802 Active
9 pinkpuppy22 766 Active
10 Dimitar Dinchev 712 Active
11 Light Runner 687 Active
12 Randall Meono 669 Active
13 fryercar76 659 Active
14 5ˆ₁4¡ #Ðαɨɭʮßɩɸ™ 604 Active
15 James Bevins 457 Active


Every effort will be made to update the leaderboard weekly. If you would like to assist with keeping this list up-to-date by pointing out new profile, please leave a message here.


  • If you miss 1 day, then you are taken out of the leaderboard. This rule is in place so it is more competitive.
  • Deleting your profile will cause you to lose your spot.

An example of a 140 day streak.

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