No. Name Days Active/Inactive
1 DanielKiernan 963 Active
2 Blaze Runner™ 962 Active
2 GloTe 962 Active
4 Curiosity 961 Active
5 Chris Fedele 960 Active
6 Jett Burns 956 Active
6 birdexplorers 956 Active
8 Richard 940 Active
9 pinkpuppy22 904 Active
10 Dimitar Dinchev 850 Active
11 Light Runner 825 Active
12 Jannie Gerber 818 Active
13 Randall Meono 806 Active
14 fryercar76 800 Active
15 Will123006* 749 Active


The * next to a user's name indicates that the profile is currently a child account/private account but is being monitored by a moderator via the coach resources. When that user's streak has ended, they will be taken off the list once the moderator sees the streak has been broken.


Every effort will be made to update the leaderboard weekly. If you would like to assist with keeping this list up-to-date by pointing out new profile, please leave a message here.


  • If you miss 1 day, then you are taken out of the leaderboard. This rule is in place so it is more competitive.
  • Deleting your profile will cause you to lose your spot.

An example of a 140 day streak.

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