The first instance of Telling time word problems is under the 3rd grade (U.S.) Math Mission. This exercise performs addition and subtraction using clock arithmetic.

Types of Problems

There are two types of problems in this exercise:

  1. Tell how many minutes have passed: This problem describes a situation and asks the user to correctly enter how much time passed.

    Tell how many minutes have passed

  2. Which clock is correct: This problem also describes a situation but this time it asks users to determine which clock is set correctly. Both digital and analog clocks are used.

    Which clock is correct


This exercise is easy to get accuracy badges as long as users aree comfortable with telling time, especially on the analog clock for digital age users. For some reason, research is indicating that speed badges are medium difficulty to get although it seems they should be easy to get. Perhaps the timing is set too low .

  1. Many (but not all) future times involve going past the o'clock and into the next hour. Be careful to be aware of this.
  2. The digital clock is easier to get than the analog one. Make sure to acknowledge whether answers are close to the next hour or not.

Real-life Applications

  1. Clocks can be used to tell time.

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