Three-Day Math Points Team Challenge
Three-Day Math Points Team Challenge
Over a specific 3-day challenge period, earn a total of 35,000 energy points as a team doing math problems
Type Moon badge
Energy point(s) awarded 0
Status Retired

Three-Day Math Points Team Challenge is a Moon badge. To earn it, the user had to collect at least 35,000 energy points by practicing Math exercises along with other members of his/her team in 3 days. This badge can be found here on Khan Academy

Khan Academy released 2 challenges at the same time:

Khan Academy also divided all members into 3 groups:

  1. Group I: Invited to Solo mode
  2. Group II: Invited to Team mode
  3. Group III: Not invited to any mode

It was impossible for any user to leave the current group and to join the others.

Three-Day Math Points Team Challenge

  • In this Challenge, goal of user's team is to earn 35,000 energy points in 3 days by practicing their math skills on Khan Academy.
  • Points earned from videos and badges won't count towards their total.
  • If user's team earns 35,000 points during the Challenge window, everyone will be awarded the Three-Day Math Points Team Challenge badge. Just remember to log in before the time runs out.
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