The Understanding probability exercise used to appear under the Probability and statistics Math Mission. This exercise helps give a foundational understanding to the concepts of probability.

Types of Problems

There are four types of problems in this exercise:

  1. Determine which is more or less likely: This problem provides two situations. Between them the user is asked to select which event is more or less likely.

    Determine which is more or less likely

  2. Interpret the probability: This problem provides a probability and a multiple select list. The user is asked to use the probability and decide which of the statements are true.

    Interpret the probability

  3. Use probability to determine true statements: This problem provides various statements about probability and the user is asked to select which are true from a multiple select list.

    Use probability to determine true statements

  4. Drag into order: This problem provides various probabilities. The user is asked to drag the probabilities into an increasing order.

    Drag into order


Knowledge of probability would be preferred but unnecessary. This exercise involves part of whole knowledge.

  1. Every probability will always be between 0 and 1.
  2. Empirical probabilities are based on experimental or collected data.
  3. The empirical probability that an event occurs is the number of successes out of the number of trials.

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