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Type: Computer Science
Introduced in: 2014
Requirement: Ranges from stage

Winston is an avatar on Khan Academy designed by Jessica Liu that has since become somewhat of a symbol within Khan Academy Computer Science. Winston first appeared in the Intro to variables coding tutorial. Winston has been featured in multiple computer science tutorials and user created programs.

After multiple requests from Khan Academy users, Winston was made an image along with Oh Noes, the Error Buddy and a baby version of him.

On January 22, 2014, Winston was made into an avatar with two styles, Winston and Baby Winston.

Style 1: Winston

  • This style of Winston can be unlocked by making changes to an official project.
  • This means that users who wants this avatar should change the code of an official program and save it as a spin-off.

Style 2: Baby Winston

  • This style of the Winston avatar looks like a junior baby version of Winston.
  • To unlock this Winston avatar style, users must make a spin-off of someone else's Computer Science project.

Golden Winston

The Golden Winston is the icon of a special sun badge that users can only earn from winning a programmng contest.

The Golden Winston icon.

Code for creating him

var drawWinston = function(faceX, faceY) {
    fill(255, 255, 0);
    ellipse(faceX, faceY, 190, 190); // face 
    fill(46, 46, 41);
    ellipse(faceX - 30, faceY - 50, 30, 30); // eyes
    ellipse(faceX + 44, faceY - 55, 30, 30);
    fill(252, 65, 65);
    ellipse(faceX + 19, faceY + 32, 82, 81); // mouth

Another way to code him

image(getImage("creatures/Winston"), 200, 200, 50,50);


<img src="&lt;nowiki&gt;;/nowiki&gt;" width=150>

Have Some Fun with Winston

Crazy Winston

var draw = function() {
var drawWinston = function() {
var faceX = random(50, 350);
var faceY = random(50,350);
fill(255, 255, 0);
ellipse(faceX, faceY, 300, 300); // face
fill(46, 46, 41);
ellipse(faceX - 45, faceY - 57, 40, 40); // eyes
ellipse(faceX + 102, faceY - 66, 40, 40);
fill(252, 65, 65);
ellipse(faceX + 55, faceY + 32, 120, 136); // mouth

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