The first instance of Word problems with "more" and "fewer" 2 is under the Early math Math Mission. This exercise uses various geometric models to increase understanding of addition and subtraction.

Types of Problems

There are seven types of problems in this exercise:

  1. Circle model with one answer: This problem uses a circle model and asks the user to provide one answer.

    Circle model with one answer

  2. Picture requesting an answer: This problem uses a picture problem to prompt an answer for the user.

    Picture requesting an answer

  3. Give the answer and multiple select: This problem has a word problem that the user is to solve, and it also asks the user to select the equation(s) that could have been used to solve the problem.

    Give the answer and multiple select

  4. Use a block model to solve: This problem has a situation and uses a block model to assist the user to answer the problem.

    Use a block model to solve

  5. Count the number, then solve: This problem uses a picture problem and does not tell the user the necessary numbers in the discussion. Therefore the user needs to first count the objects in the picture, then solve the problem.

    Count the number, then solve

  6. Unpictured problem: This problem describes a word problem without a picture and has the user solve and enter their solution.

    Unpictured problem

  7. Geometric application: This problem uses geometric objects, specifically polygons, to prompt an answer to an arithmetic problem.

    Geometric application


This exercise is fairly difficult to attain speed badges because of the multitude of different problems and context. Accuracy badges, however are straightforward.

  1. In problem type three, the incorrect answer choice among the three options has a number that is different from all other options.
  2. In problem type seven, there is no need to look at the picture if user is familiar with the naming conventions for polygons (from the Latin roots).

Real-life Applications

  1. Addition can be used for adding objects, like adding money totals.
  2. Subtracting can be used by businesses to see how much money they make minus the money they spent for profit.

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