Writing numerical inequalities
Writing-numerical-inequalities 256
Exercise Name: Writing numerical inequalities
Math Missions: 6th grade (U.S.) Math Mission, Pre-algebra Math Mission, Mathematics I Math Mission
Types of Problems: 3

The Writing numerical inequalities exercise appears under the 6th grade (U.S.) Math Mission, Pre-algebra Math Mission and Mathematics I Math Mission. This exercise practices using the inequality symbols in various contexts.

Types of Problems

There are three types of problems in this exercise:

  1. Compare the numbers: This problem provides a description of a situation involving two numbers. The user is asked to select which inequality symbol can be placed between the numbers to make a true inequality.

    Compare the numbers

  2. Put in order and answer: This problem describes a comparison between two amounts. The user is asked to pull cards into the correct order and then answer the question related to the inequality.

    Put in order and answer

  3. Select true statements: This problem compares two numbers using an inequality word. Users are asked to select all the answers from a multiple select list that are true.

    Select true statements


Knowledge of all types of numbers and how they compare to each other on a number line (especially negatives) is necessary to do this problem well. Accuracy badges and speed badges are reasonable because there are predicable elements to many of the problems.

  1. On the Compare the numbers problem the numbers are relatively distant from each other so they can be compared easily.
  2. On the drag and select problem it might be more efficient to drag one of the number down first, then place the inequality and then the second number.
  3. There will always be exactly two selections needed for the Select true statements problem. One with a comparison using less than and the other with greater than.

Real-life Applications

  1. For most people, in order to get their license they have to be older than 17. So, they can write this as an inequality. x is the age of a person who wants to drive. In this case x has to be > or equal to 17.

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